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Very easy to sign up and join the marketplace for mortgages

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For borrowers and lenders, we match the best opportunities.

We are changing the way
you get a first or second

How does it work?

The mortgage exchange connects borrowers with investors through our
online marketplace with reverse bidding.

Mortgage Exchange process flow


For above average returns, investors have name on titles in the mortgage property.

Mortgage Exchange

Mortgage Exchange facilitates the transactions, screens borrowers and lenders and services the mortgage.


Borrowers can purchase or refinance their dream property and more.

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The Rates

Avg Rate


Average Rate

With the Mortgage X marketplace, our average rate comes from the bids of our lenders.

Best Rate


Best Rate

Lenders are eager to get your business and they will offer their best rates.

Rate Range

2.59% 3.59%

Range (High-Low)

Mortgage interest rates vary according to the type, location and quality of the property.

Mortgage Calculator

Let's face it, the conventional mortgage process is time consuming and inefficient. The Mortgage X does things differently by promising you lower rates, great customer service and a streamlined application process.

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